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Upa vedas and vedangas

Upa vedas or sub vedas are as follows

1. Ayurveda deals with herbal cure for diseases.
2. Dhanurveda deals with how to defend from enemies and conduct war.
3. Gandharva Veda deals with music.
4. Artha Sastra deals with politics and economics.

Vedangas or limbs of vedas

1. Vyakarana deals with grammar of Sanskrit language.
2. Jyotisha deals with astrology and astronomy.
3. Nirukta deals with etymology of words contained in Vedic mantras.
4. Siksha deals with phonetics and accent of Vedic mantras.
5. Chandas deals with prosody of Vedic mantras.
6. Kalpa Sutras deal with methods of sacrifices and code of conduct to follow.