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Established majestically to tower its surrounding is the pristine Charas cave, the abode of an immensely mystical Sivalingam.

Ascending the steel stairs, as though soaring towards Kailasam, Saivite devotees will bask in the splendor of Panching Sivan temple.

Lord Shiva, the dweller of Saivite hearts, resides in this mystical setting, encouraging devotees to rise into the realms of spirituality.

A brief history of our temple

According to the historical background, this Sivalingam Statue was brought here in late 1989 by Jeyadevan Nachitram a Lawyer from Negeri Sembilan. A few years before that, he visited the Panching Cave in Pahang ( Panching is a small town which is located on the road from Kuantan to Sg. Lembing-an old tin underground mining town), where a Buddhist Temple was built nearly a hundred years ago. During one of his visit there, he met an Indian Sage in the cave who told him to bring a Siva Statue to install it there! He immediately took upon the idea and flew to India to buy the Sivalingam Statue.

Thought of the day

If the mind is immersed in bliss, the body will not suffer from illness. The human body is the vehicle which you have to use for attaining the state of bliss, and so it has to be kept safe and strong for that noble purpose. It is an instrument for spiritual effort, which has been earned by the merit of previous births. Every moment, the body is speedily proceeding towards dissolution, and so time should not be wasted in vain pursuits. Do not get attached to the body; treat it as a wound, which has to be covered by bandage (clothes), treated with drugs (food) and also washed regularly. Then you can get rid of the inordinate attachment, and this is essential because only then will you get the true urge and inspiration to serve others!

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