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Established majestically to tower its surrounding is the pristine Charas cave, the abode of an immensely mystical Sivalingam.

Ascending the steel stairs, as though soaring towards Kailasam, Saivite devotees will bask in the splendor of Panching Sivan temple.

Lord Shiva, the dweller of Saivite hearts, resides in this mystical setting, encouraging devotees to rise into the realms of spirituality.

A brief history of our temple

According to the historical background, this Sivalingam Statue was brought here in late 1989 by Jeyadevan Nachitram a Lawyer from Negeri Sembilan. A few years before that, he visited the Panching Cave in Pahang ( Panching is a small town which is located on the road from Kuantan to Sg. Lembing-an old tin underground mining town), where a Buddhist Temple was built nearly a hundred years ago. During one of his visit there, he met an Indian Sage in the cave who told him to bring a Siva Statue to install it there! He immediately took upon the idea and flew to India to buy the Sivalingam Statue.

Upcoming events
Sani Prudosham Prayers

Sani Prudosham Prayers will be held on 12th Dec 2020 - Saturday, ubayam sponsored by Mr. Sivam & family - F&N diary (+6012-9217429), from 1500hrs. All devotees are welcomed to join the Prudosham Praye

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Prudosham Prayers

Prudosham Prayers will be held on 27th Dec 2020 - Sunday, ubayam sponsored by Mr. Ramesh & family - Sai Baba (+6016-9449558), from 1500hrs. All devotees are welcomed to join the Prudosham Prayers and

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Thought of the day

Earning wealth is one of the legitimate objectives of human endeavour, without a doubt. It is one of the four objectives (purusharthaas) of every human life, the four being - righteousness, earning wealth, desire and liberation. The order they are mentioned in, has a purpose too. Righteousness has to direct and control the process of earning wealth and liberation has to be the regulating factor for one?s desires. All wealth accruing through unrighteous means is to be treated with contempt as unworthy. All desires that do not subserve the one supreme need for liberation are to be given up as beneath one?s dignity. So the spiritual basis of righteousness and liberation must be the root of both the pursuit of wealth and fulfilment of other desires.

Temple news
COVID19 related updates - MCO (Movement Control Order) - Recovery Phase - Please read
11 May, 2020

Dear devotees, following announcement by Malaysian government, the recovery phase of MCO is expected to end on 31st Dec 2020 due to COVID19 pandemic. Temple management request cooperation from all devotees to stay vigilant and safe as per recovery phase of MCO order. All temple activities will be conducted with SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) d

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