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FAEGI - Fear, Anger, Ego, Greed, Impatience

FAEGI stands for FEAR, ANGER, EGO, GREED and IMPATIENCE. These are essential elements to be punctured and eliminated by all in order to achieve self-realization.Step-by-step, when these elements are eliminated from ones thoughts and mind, the path to realization will become clearer.Below are pictorial diagram of FEAGI and its brief explanation.

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Ir. Sivaneswaran Kamala Kannan / Vijayavani Ganasen

First and foremost, I dedicate my soul to the humble feet of Lord Jalalingam – Gua Charas Panching Maha Jalalingeswarar temple and express my heartfelt gratitude to Ir. Gopikrishnan Venugopal and Ir. Sivabalan giving us the opportunity to share and most importantly to experience the divine spirit of Lord Jalalingam – Gua Charas Panching Maha Jalalingeswarar. Secondly, I would like also to “thank” for giving me opportunity to share our personal experiences and greatest gift ever which is indeed our beloved daughter Sai Shasha d/o Sivaneswaran who was blessed by Lord Jalalingam.

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