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Numerology - Power of numbers

Numerology is a science of exploring hidden powers of numbers and their influence on human beings. The most ancient form of Numerology is called Chaldean Numerology which is generally followed in India also.

Indians see numbers as symbols of certain types of cosmic powers. And they link them with spirituality. For example 0 is a number that encircles some part of the infinite universe. The inner part of it is separated from the vast outer space. This is similar to human body where the soul (Jeevaatma) resides. A human being always feels that he is separate and the outer universe is different from him. He confines his soul with his present body and thinks that he and the body is one and the same. Thus he has forgotten the truth that he is the all-pervading God. This is called cosmic delusion (Maaya). So 0 represents the cosmic delusion. This means 0 gives false impression that whatever is not there, is there. Let us add 0 after 1, then that 1 appears as 10. This means 1 is assuming a different form, because of 0. This is same as the super-soul appearing in different forms because of Maaya.

Every number will have mental and spiritual plane represented by its top half part and the material worldly affairs are represented by its remaining bottom part.

When we connect a series of points in a single direction, then it becomes 1. Thus 1 represents single-mindedness in achieving the objectives, creativity, and starting new ventures. Its pillared appearance represents independence and leadership qualities.

2 is round shaped at top. It is a open 0. That means there is no complete Maaya at mental level. There is a scope to receive and release new ideas and concepts. So 2 represent flexibility and diplomacy. 

The bottom of 2 shows a horizontal line that is attached firmly to ground. This means if these inventive ideas are properly used, the person can achieve highest success in material world.

Take 3, it is having open rounded ends at its top as well as at bottom. This shows continuous receiving and releasing of new ideas and involving into new developments. It represents ambition, self-expression and idealism. This number makes a person to reap material benefits from his intelligence and spiritualism.

Just close the rounded ends of 3, you will get 8. It represents Maaya at both the levels. The person is wrapped by complete ignorance of what is happening outside his perception. He cannot come out of the clutches of karmic forces. The balanced loops of 8 represent balanced nature, patience and discipline.

Contemplate on 4, it is looking like a person sitting stable, attached to ground. The triangle above represents fire that promotes a strong desire for material benefits. The person will become materialistic. 4 may also represent unconventional behavior. 5 is a quiet different number, with flat head and open rounded bottom. Flatness represents stability. The person would reach a clear and stable mental state which he uses in receiving and processing the material in worldly projects. 5 is a sign of dynamism and communication. This number makes one a successful business man.

7 is having similarity with 5, in such a way it is having a flat head and weak base. 7 indicate high level of spiritualism and sensitivity. But the person will not use his mental and spiritual stability to achieve material means. 

6 is a number that is fully rounded at the bottom. It looks like a pregnant lady. It symbolizes pregnancy, artistic and feminine qualities. The 0 formation at bottom indicates Maaya that pushes the person in love with family- related matters and enjoyment.

9 is a number that is nothing but inverted 6. It represents love to the world. The 0 formation at top, overshadows a person's intelligence with Maaya. The person cannot think but work. So there is a conflict. He would be quick in actions and courageous.

While the numbers have the above significance, each number has been attached to a particular planet in Astrology, the reason is: certain planet produces the similar vibration of a certain number. Thus 1- Sun, 2- Moon, 3- Jupiter, 4- Uranus or Rahu, 5- Mercury, 6- Venus, 7- Neptune or Kethu, 8- Saturn, and 9- Mars. Number 0 should not be attached to any planet, since it is the root cause of all the numbers. It increases the strength of a number.

The numbers have been attached to Alphabet also. 1- A,I,J,Q,Y. 2- B,K,R. 3- C,G,L,S. 4- D,M,T. 5- E,H,N,X. 6- U,V,W. 7- O,Z. 8- F,P.

Now let us take an illustration. SWAMI VIVEKANANDA, a great saint of India, who shook the world by his philosophical teachings, was born on 12th January 1863.

His birth date number: 12 = 3.
His birth compound number: 12+1+1863 = 22.
His birth single number: 2+2 = 4.
His name single number: SWAMI VIVEKANANDA = 52 = 7. 

Vivekananda's birth date number 3 and name number 7 represent that he is ambitious, versatile and a spiritual guru. His ambitions are more focused on service to poor and downtrodden as is shown by 4 in his birth single number. He had unconventional and revolutionary ideas in reforming the society. His birth compound number 22 shows that he is highly religious and inclined in purification of mind and soul. Moreover, his birth single number and name numbers 4 and 7 are harmonious, thus making him a renowned person. Let us take only VIVEKANANDA= 37 which clearly shows that he is a spiritual guru. And 3+7 = 1 shows beginning of new ventures which is an indication of his great mission to bring moral and spiritual upliftment. So we can say that Vivekananda's life would be greatly influenced by numbers 3 and 7 and their harmonics 9 and 2. In his case, 2 represent deep involvement in mental faculties like meditation and mantra japa.

1. He met his guru Sri Rama Krishna in 1881 = 9 (His age: 18 = 9)
2. He started his journey in search of truth in 1890 = 9 (His age: 27 = 9)
3. He reached Kanya Kumari and visualized Divine Mother in 1892 = 2 (His age: 29 = 2)
4. He participated in the Parliament of religions in Chicago in 1893 = 3 (His age: 30 = 3)
5. He came back to India and started Rama Krishan Mission Association in 1897 = 7 (His age: 34 = 7)
6. The saint left his body in 1902 = 3 (His age: 39 = 3).