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Maha Khumbhabhishegam 2020

Dear Devotees,

Panching Malai Maha Jalalingeswarar Temple will be celebrating Maha Kumbaabhishegam on 7th June, 2020. All deveotees are cordially invited to participate in the above ceremony and receive the blessings of Lord Maha Jalalingeswarar.

Towards Maha Kumbaabishegam of Panching Gua Charas Jalalingeswarar Shivan temple, with good intention and thoughts for all devotees, the follwing write-ups are prepared.

Episode 1 - Benefits of lighting Deepam
Episode 2 - Understanding Human Being
Episode 3 - Significance of Maha Kumbaabhishegam
Episode 4 - Significance of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
Episode 5 - Significance of Guru Linga
Episode 6 - Significance of Chakras
Episode 7 - Fundamentals of Life and Death
Episode 8 - Fundamentals of Life and Physical
Episode 9 - Importance of Shradh
Episode 10 - Planetary affects
Episode 11 - Navagrahas - Secret revealed
Episode 12 - Nandi is alertness
Episode 13 - Rudraksha
Episode 14 - Mahakala
Episode 15 - Nirvana Shatakam
Episode 16 - Mahashivaratri
Episode 17 - State of well being - Love

For those devotees who wishes to donate and making the upcoming Maha Kumbababisghegam successful please kindly donate to Siva Sakthi Power Enterprise account as follows:

Temple Construction Company Name : Siva Sakthi Power Enterprise
Account Number : 3203478211
Bank Name : Public Bank

Contact Person :

Ir. Sivabalan Arumathurai – Temple Trustee (Mobile: +6012-2952615)

Paneer Selvam – Jalalingam Temple (Mobile: +6013-3799262)
Gua Charas Permanent Resident

Method of donation : Please state name, mobile number and donation amount via online banking