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The Vision

Temple Trustee, late Ir. Sivabalan Arumathurai, received the vision to conduct the next Jalalingam Temple’s Maha Kumbhahishekham on 7th June 2020. Following this blessing from Lord Shiva (Jalalingeswarar), various construction plans are currently being conducted to get ready for the planned Maha Kumbhahishekham. The following construction plans are being currently conducted step-by-step.

  1. Jalalingam Temple’s Polycarbonate Roof Construction
  2. Jalalingam Temple’s – New Walkway (Interlocking Blocks), including “Buggy”
  3. New Toilet for comfort of public and Upgrading Existing Toilet located inside the Cave
  4. Extension of temple, storage, upgrade of “anathanam place” and installation of Lord Bhairavar and Lord Murugan, including new toilet, washroom, changing room for comfort of devotees.
  5. Tower Lift, Staircase and Bridge (i.e. including Sadhana Camp and land acquisition)


Note: The Maha Kumbhahishekham original planned on 7th June 2020, has been postponed to later date to be announced by Temple Management due to COVID19 Pandemic.