First and foremost, I dedicate my soul to the humble feet of Lord Jalalingam – Gua Charas Panching Maha Jalalingeswarar temple and express my heartfelt gratitude to Ir. Gopikrishnan Venugopal and Ir. Sivabalan giving us the opportunity to share and most importantly to experience the divine spirit of Lord Jalalingam – Gua Charas Panching Maha Jalalingeswarar.

Secondly, I would like also to “thank” for giving me opportunity to share our personal experiences and greatest gift ever which is indeed our beloved daughter Sai Shasha d/o Sivaneswaran who was blessed by Lord Jalalingam.

Before I pen-down details on our personal experiences, I wish to write about the following famous cliché – “Brahmavid Brammaiva Bhavathi” – The knower of Atma becomes the Atma itself – Self Realization.

The very intention of repeating the Divine name and undertaking meditation is to purify the mind and the intellect. In order to achieve this, pure and serene (sathwic) meditation is best. Over time, when the mind and the intellect become pure, they will shine with the splendor of the realization of the Atma (Divine Self). One in whom this understanding shines fully is called a rishi (sage). It is said, Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavathi – The knower of Atma becomes Atma itself. The goal of life, that makes life worthwhile, is the understanding of the Atma and attaining oneness with it.

The above is a great explanation of worldly deeds all of us undergo. Since birth, we go through many stages in life. Indeed, this is also well documented in Tamil Songs – whereby life is said to be divided into 8 year segment. Upon reaching 6th, 8 segment in life which is 48 years; often we experience more divinity and attachment towards the Supreme. In some cases, this attachment can start as early as 3rd segment (i.e. 24 years old).

As explain above each of us knowingly or unknowingly – are indeed in path of self-realization and becoming union with the Supreme – Enlightment.

The above short write-up about Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavathi is a classic example of our experiences within the Lord Jalalingam temple, which is blessed by significant energy of Rishi’s who have meditated in the Gua Charas Panching Kuantan.

All these happen in approximately in May 2010 where, Ir. Gopikrishnan Venugopal and family introduced and invited to visit the Lord Jalalingam temple for Maha Prodosam. Having visiting many temples both in Malaysia as well as in India and social charitable services, we decided to take upon this invitation and arrived to the temple. Upon the prayers, we were introduced to Ir. Sivabalan, Temple Trustee, who has extra-ordinary involvement in the temple as well as Guru in Numerology.

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