Dear  Jalalingam Devotees,

I am Sivabalan the Trustee of Jalalingam Temple, would like to inform that Prodoshams have been all taken up for the year 2018.The reason, because I am planning to do a donation drive to collect money for the building of the ramp from bottom of the temple to inside the cave and  to be able to execute a few other plan preparing for Maha Kumbaabishegam for 2020.The donation drive was too slow so I have offered each Prodosham for MYR 10,000.00 as donation to build the temple and to prepare the temple with ramp and other facilities so that it can be an easy access for elderly people to come and to be able to view the beauty and the significance of this temple. By collecting the funds we will then be able to buy buggies to transport people from the ramp from bottom of the temple up to direct to the temple and a plan to build a lift tower in aiding the people to be easily transported from below the cave until the top of the cave. Even people on wheel chair are able to reach the temple.

The above include preparing for Maha Kumbaabishegam  for year 2020, I have discussed with those devotees who have pledge MYR 10,000.00, for normal perodosam they have agreed to pledge their prodosam dates in the bidding system where the bidding can be increased by MYR 1,000.00 starting from MYR 12,000.00. If any of the devotees interested can start to bid and the highest bidder will have the Prodosham, as part of the donation drive. Even this Prodosham  can be taken as a family for instance a few people combine and share the amount and to the highest bidder to be able to enjoy the Prodosham on the year 2018. Those that have taken the MYR 10,000.00 are a group of families, friends, and associates that have shared the cost to bare their Prodosham.The dates stated below are out for bid :

27/2/2018                On bidding                        15/3/2018                On bidding

29/3/2018                 Later biding                      11/6/2018                Later bidding

25/6/2018                 Later bidding                     25/7/2018              Later biding

9/8/2018                   Later biding                       5/11/2018                Later biding

Any inquiries please feel free to contact me at +6012-2952615 .I hope that the above explanation can be understood by all and this is done by my good intention for advancement of the temple.

For information, this will be the first in the world - a ramp is being built from the bottom of the cave to the top and entering the cave to the temple. Furthermore the Lift Tower will be also built to be able to ease the publick and elderly devotees to be able to reach the Temple in an easy manner.

We have estimated the above initiatives to cost surging over MYR 10,000,000.00 and I am personally pledgining MYR 3,000,000.00

I would like to thank all donor on the donation drive even any amount as the saying goes “HELP EVER HURT NEVER” and "SERVICE TO SOCIETY IS SERVICE TO ALMIGHTY"

Partial ramp (elevated structure) was officially opened for Public (from the cave entrance to the temple) on Saturday, 2nd December 2017, during Karthiga Deepam Occassion approximately 1900hrs.