History of Panching Maha Jalalingeswarar Temple

According to the historical background, this Sivalingam Statue was brought here in late 1989 by Jeyadevan Nachitram a Lawyer from Negeri Sembilan. A few years before that, he visited the Panching Cave in Pahang ( Panching is a small town which is located on the road from Kuantan to Sg. Lembing-an old tin underground mining town), where a Buddhist Temple was built nearly a hundred years ago. During one of his visit there, he met an Indian Sage in the cave who told him to bring a Siva Statue to install it there! He immediately took upon the idea and flew to India to buy the Sivalingam Statue.

When the Sivalingam Statue was brought in late December 1989 and stored in Mr. S.Vijayagiri’s workshop. Dr. C. Sethugavalar, an O&G Consultants in Kuantan was requested to take it up and have it installed in the cave. Dr. C.Sethugavalar, the Protem President of the (Siva Lingeswrar Thiruthalam) Jalalingam Temple, paid RM 10,000.00 and Mr. Jayadevan paid RM 10,000.00 to a group leader Mr. T.Yogarajah and with the help of 25 Indonesian & Indian Workers in early Janauary 1990 to haul the 9 feet tall and weighing several tons of the Sivalingam up to the entrance of the cave which is more than 150 feet up. From there on, it had to be rolled into the cave for distance of another 100 meters for installation. They nearly took 15 days to take up the Sivalingam inside the cave an on the 14 January 1990 they placed the Sivalaingam at the present place facing North.

The path up to the temple was very steep with its twists and turns, making it very hazardous for anyone to make the climb up to the cave. At that time, Mr. Yap Kannan a Civil Engineer had harbored the idea of making proper steps up to the Sivan Temple just like how the steps for Batu Cave Murugan Temple were constructed.

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