Established majestically to tower its surrounding is the pristine Charas cave, the abode of an immensely mystical Sivalingam.

Ascending the steel stairs, as though soaring towards Kailasam, Saivite devotees will bask in the splendor of Panching Sivan temple.

Lord Shiva, the dweller of Saivite hearts, resides in this mystical setting, encouraging devotees to rise into the realms of spirituality.

Today's thought

By an inordinate attachment to the Seen, one becomes an alien to the realm of the Unseen. Know that the Unseen is the basis of the Seen. The Unseen gives stability and value to the Seen; the Unseen is the One that is true and valid. In spite of the warnings administered by countless saints through the centuries, people have forsaken the Unseen for

Prodosham Prayers

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Prodosham Prayers will be held on 25th July 2018 (Wednesday), by Sai Shasha, Sai Amesha and Family from 1500hrs onwards. All devotees are welcomed to participate in this prayers and received the blessings of Lord Shiva. Om Nama Siva Ya Om.

Happy deepavali